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Survivors rules are simple: the majority of Americans are abandoned in the middle of incompatible land. divided into groups, part of the challenge provided by host Jeff samples, and three days each tribe loser will have to go to the tribal council, glasaeden them. individual competitions in the middle of the game when the tribes merge and become one of the challenges of moving. Now the game is for each competitor, the player who sent the package to be careful – it starts fusion zaщotoSled osatzenprethodnoizbranite jurycandidates and they come back every week to see the ceremony Tribal Council. the final vote of the members at the end of the contest to win a million dollars and become the sole survivor of the Bat! It’s a game to adapt to survive, and the last three seasons najsposobniteigrachi Dabi or her environment and the people who play. Survivor focuses on people, that circumvention of how these players can outwit, outplay social commentary, and


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