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Myth is proud to present:

X-Com Enforcer (c) Microprose / Infogrames

In response to the request: Razor Release Size: 32 *

Quebrada by: MiTo Team Release Date: 19 / April / 2001

Packed: protective equipment Myth: Checking files

Format: ACE game genre: 3D Shooter

Anf SYSTEM: Win9x, PII-300, 32 MB, 500 MB HD + 3D sound card,

DX8a, DXMedia

RegistrierenNunDetails below … SEMPRELe is NFO

Game Note:



top secret multinational force abaronyzamezhnaya soil.


America – the beginning of the 21st century.


To repel the invasion of aliens.

alien forces invaded the Earth and to terrorize the population.in

The fight against this sinister threat, a lone X-COM scientists created

Enforcer, fighting machine High Robotics and soil technology

Alien Technology is removed. with the latest foreign HOTSPOTS paraloita Armed

Battles that rage on city streets the other equalize the charge onroofs

and drenazhy.Ty enforcer. Managed effects of X-Com Enforcer

It is in front of external attack.



Defeat the alien manace trailer park in the jungle -Concrete,

more than 35 missions!

Feel the power of the engine to the Unreal Tournament –

– Doing battle with hordes of foreign invaders more20 exotic species!

– shock extraterrestrescon large, poor, over-the-top weapons!

– Reasearch and increase the weapon upgrades and power-ups firepower!

-Play online with fast-paced multiplayer Deathmatch and co-op!

More details and screenshots:



CD audio and videointroduction, rather than addition.

1. Unpack.

2. unace hand ouusar our establishment. If they do not,

I noticed compression with Ace.

3.Run the game decompress files.

4. Start the game with

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